Glo IDD SLASHER brings Ghana International Call Rate to a New Low

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Glo IDD slasher is a subscription offer available at a monthly subscription fee of GHc2.

Whether you are a student, visiting or residing permanently in Ghana, you can now have a lengthy conversation with your family and loved one with the Glo Ghana network. The telecom giants has introduced yet another IDD plan to help you make international call at cheaper rates.

Glo GLO IDD SLASHER is a unique offer that enables you make calls to over 200+ countries at amazing discounts. All you need to do is subscribe to Glo Slasher with GHC 2 and you can enjoy up to 85% discount talking to your family and love ones.

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How to Activate Glo Ghana IDD Slasher

To activate IDD SLASHER, follow the simple process below

  • Dial *555#
  • Select IDD Call Packs
  • Choose IDD Slasher
  • Select ‘Subscribe IDD Slasher’

Glo Slasher is monthly subscription and will be renewed automatically to ensure uninterrupted discount.

How to Unsubscribe Glo Slasher

To unsubscribe from Glo Slasher, simply dial *555# and follow Slasher Menu under IDD offers.

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Top Countries Covered by Glo IDD Slasher

The international call discount varies from on country to another, ranging from 5% to 85% on top 200+ international destinations, the top 25 countries & discount details are available below:

S. No.CountryStandard IDD Rates(GHc/Min)Glo Slasher Rates(GHc/Min)Slasher Discount(GHc/Min)
3UK- Mobile0.200.195%
10Saudi Arabia0.780.7010%
11UK- fix0.110.0830%

Glo IDD Slasher – Who Benefits More?

The Glo Ghana IDD Slasher is available to all Glo Ghana subscribers. Whether you are checking up on your family members abroad, concluding a business deal in China or simply need to request for your students allowance from your parents in Nigeria, the offer is for you.

Glo IDD Slasher will Favor Nigerian Students & Businessmen in Ghana

9 out of 10 Nigerian student or businessman in Ghana is a Glo subscriber.

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The reason is not far fetched as Glo in the past has allowed subscribers to top-up Nigerian Glo recharge card on their Glo Ghana SIM. However, this service was later discontinued but Nigerian students and businessmen alike continued to enjoy cheap Nigerian calls using the ‘Nigerian Call Packs’.

Glo IDD Slasher however, is on a whole new level of cheap and will mostly favor Nigerians in Ghana who benefit from the 13% discount issued to subscribers.

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Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi
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