MTN,Vodafone Me2U Services: Credit Transfers

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Me2U is a service that let you transfer airtime to your love ones, friends and colleagues using MTN or Vodafone network. This service is very efficient and easy.

Long time ago, I was in a spot where I needed an airtime to make an important call, I couldn’t access my mobile money  to recharge neither did I see a place to buy.

Guess who saved me that day; it was Me2u service. My friend had to transfer airtime to me using Me2u. You can help someone too, using that.

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With this service, you can easily transfer airtime to your grandparents that can’t recharge on their own.

Me2u allows customers to transfer credit to other customer accounts anytime, anywhere. It’s quick and flexible.

Using MTN Me2U

Before you can transfer credit, you have to change the default pin which is 0000.

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How to reset MTN Me2u Pin

You can change the default PIN by sending a text message with default PIN NewPIN New PIN to 777. For example, to change the default PIN, send an SMS with ‘0000 1234 1234’ to 777.

How can one register for the service (Me2U)

Type <register><4-digit pin number> send to 1329 or

Dial *198# reply with 1 and follow the prompts.

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How do I transfer airtime?

<Type the amount of credit> <Space> <Recipient’s full MTN number> <Space> < Your 4-digit PIN> and send to 1329.


10.90 024 XXXXXXX **** and send to 1329

Or Dial *198# reply with 2 and follow the USSD prompts.

The amounts to be transferred should be in increments of 10 Ghana Pesewas.

How many times can I transfer credit to another MTN subscriber?

A maximum of 2 transfers are allowed for every 24 hours.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can share?

The minimum amount is GH¢1.00 and a maximum of GH¢50.

Some MTN short-codes you will find very useful:

MTN customer center 100
Check your MTN Mobile number *156#
Internet Bundle *138#
Mashup Balance *567*4#
Mobile Money access code *170#
MTN Pay 4 me 154(054XXXXXXX)
MTN Pulse*567#
Please Call Me service024XXXXXXX 1 to 1399
Recharge Airtime for someone*144*number to recharge for*voucher number#
To Borrow credit*506#

Using Vodafone Me2u Services

Default password is 1234. You can change your default pin by;

Dial *117*old pin*new pin*new pin #

How do I transfer airtime?

  • To transfer airtime in Cedi value;

Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in Ghana cedis*password# and send.

Example; To transfer GHc 50 to 020XXXXXXX, follow the steps below;

*516*020XXXXXXX*50*1234# and dial or send.

  • To transfer airtime in Cedi & Pesewa value;

Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in new Ghana cedis*credit in new Ghana pesewa*password# and send.

Example; To transfer 30Gp to Vodafone number 0208000000, follow the steps below:

*516*0208000000*0*30*1234# and send.

Or Simply dial *516# and follow the USSD prompt to transfer credit.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can share?

You can transfer a minimum of 20 pesewas and a maximum of GHc 50

Some Vodafone short-codes you will find very useful:

Customer Support100
Check your Mobile number*127#
Self Sim Registration*146#
Borrow Airtime*505#
Internet Bundle*700#
Check your Sim Registration status*900#
Vodafone Cash*110#
Bundle on Voda X*5888#

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